Email Vs Slack


Email Deluge

My email inbox is an embarrassment; with almost 3000 unread emails I can safely say that I am at my least productive (and most depressed) when I log into this shambles.

I am not quick-witted enough, or know enough small talk, to hold regular snappy, productive telephone calls. Email allows you the time to reflect on what I need to say and the ability to reply at my own leisure, but there must be a more productive way of communicating ?!?.email vs slack

There is a lot to be said for new social media channels for receiving and sending information, but email still remains the most popular medium for sending and receiving work related information (with most of us spending around 13 hours of our work week using it). However is this trend changing with tools such as Slack and HipChat gaining popularity?


Slack FTW

The short answer seems to be ‘No’; email is here to stay (it is too big to fail), either start managing your email better, use some productivity add-ons to help sort out your email mess, or integrate your email channels into an awesome tool like Slack. The ‘Slack’ way of communicating is ‘better’ than email but email is so ingrained within homes and businesses that tools such as Slack must ‘adapt or die’ rather than the other way around.

How does everyone else cope? Do you have a favorite add-on to help sort through your email? Has anyone successfully transitioned over to Slack or Hipchat?