NIDC 2023 – Startup Priorities


Recently I had the absolute pleasure of talking at the 2023 Northern Ireland Developers Conference.
My talk was titled “The Art of Bootstrapping: Focus on the things that REALLY matter” and took a look at what the priorities of a startup should be.

TL;DR: According to the data, startups spend too much time & resources on relatively unimportant things, compared to a lack of focus on product market fit. To get an idea of what “product-market fit” equates to in practice for startups, see the following advice from Andrew Gadzeki (founder of

The NIDC is my favorite conference to go to for several reasons, but the main reason is that it is a conference by developers, for developers. Everyone is there to share or to learn. In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to share the slides from the talk in case they can help anyone else.